Dear Guests,

the summer of 2022 will come to an end soon. Our restaurant will be open until Sunday, 9th October. We have a break until Christmas then. We only open during 2 weekends in November for our annual Martini Goose Festival. Moore information about that please find via this Link.

Thank you to all our guests from this summer – it was a pleasure to meet you!

Now we want to show you some pictures of our summer and autumn 2022.

Best wishes from Lofer,
the family Faistauer
Norbert, Maria, Georg, Tanja, Jakob und Rosa

Krepper Lofer Austria GooseOur gooses when they were only a few days old.

Krepper Lofer Austria CowsOur Pinzgauer cows spend the summer on the Loferer Alp.

Krepper Lofer Austria RestaurantHay harvest: The grass has been cut and gets dry in the hot summer sun.

Krepper Lofer Austria RestaurantOur new restrooms. We renovated them this spring.

Krepper Lofer Austria Farm FlowersOur traditional herb bouquet (called “Kräuterbuschen” in German) for Assumption Day on 15th August.

Krepper Lofer Austria Farm HikingWhen walking to our farm you come across this romantic bench.

Krepper Lofer Austria GooseOur gooses

Krepper Lofer Austria Cows PinzgauerEnd of September our cows returned home from the alp

Krepper Lofer Austria Cows PinzgauerOur cows helping to harvest apples. We made apple juice from our own apples like every year. You can buy that apple juice in our restaurant.