Welcome to our farm!

The Krepper farm has been first mentioned in history in 1640. The farm has been in our family since generations. We practise dairy farming, upbringing of cattle, ox- and goose mast.

Sustainability and ecological aspects are important for us. Therefore our farm is operated based on ecological standards. On our farm we keep traditional  “Pinzgauer” cattle. This is a very old and robust race which is perfect for the rough weather conditions in our area.

On our farmland we also have a mixed orchard with apple-, pear- and plum trees. We produce juices, Most and Schnaps from the fruits of our garden.

It is important for us to use products of our farm in the restaurant. This guarantees high quality, short transport ways and a suitable production.

Varies products of our farm are:

  • Organic Milk
  • Smoked bacon
  • Meat from our “Pinzgauer” cattle
  • Apple Juice, Most
  • Eggs from our chicken
  • Organic goose meat
  • Lamb
  • Quality firewood