Dear guests,

we show you some impressions of our summer 2019.

We had a good elder-flower harvest for our homemade juice:

Krepper Lofer Holler Saft hausgemacht Restaurant

One day we got a visit from a goat:

Krepper Ziege Lofer Biohof Restaurant

During warm summer days in June we offered “Sulze” in our restaurant:

Sulze hausgemacht Krepper Lofer Restaurant

With the red currants from our garden Maria backed a cake:

Kuchen Krepper Lofer Restaurant hausgemacht Johannisbeere Ribisel

Like every year we went to church on 15th August for the sanctification of our herb bouquet (called “Kräuterbuschen” in German).

Krepper Lofer Kräuterweihe Maria Himmelfahrt Lofer

We have a lot of joy with our 120 gooses:

This picture shows a sunrise with our cows:

Krepper Lofer Pinzgauer KüheSonnenaufgang Alm Restaurant

Days with beautiful weather have been used for haymaking:

Krepper Lofer Heuernte Biohof Restaurant

This picture shows our kitchen and service team of the Krepper restaurant 2019:

Krepper Sommer Team Restaurant Lofer

So far we had a really nice summer 2019 and say thank you for your visits!!!

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Best wishes from Lofer,
the Family Faistauer